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Emergency rescue operations are essential for saving lives during accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Prompt response and skilled intervention can make a critical difference in preserving lives and preventing further harm.

On multiple occasions, Sahaj Seva Foundation’s Emergency Team has demonstrated their commitment to serving those in need. Whether it’s assisting in search and rescue operations, providing relief in the aftermath of natural disasters, or offering emergency medical aid, the Foundation’s efforts have been instrumental in alleviating suffering and restoring hope.

Swift Response, Saving Lives: Commitment to Emergency Rescue.

In collaboration with local authorities and other organizations, Sahaj Seva Foundation has organized emergency relief training camps and mobilized resources to respond effectively to emergencies. Through practical training and hands-on experience, the Foundation ensures that its volunteers are well-prepared to handle crisis situations and provide timely assistance to those in need.


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New Year Initiative for Patalganga River Conservation:

The conservation of the Patalganga River is imperative, especially considering its significance as a lifeline akin to a mother. Sahajseva Foundation’s endeavor, held on Monday evening at 5:30 PM on January 1st, 2024, at the Gagangiri Ashram, Bhojatal, Khopoli, aims to raise awareness about preserving this natural blessing. The riverbanks, originating in Khopoli, often fall prey to littering and pollution, with several areas witnessing illegal dumping and sewage discharge. To restore the river’s beauty and ensure its vitality for future generations, public awareness and responsibility are vital. Through consistent efforts like this, Sahajseva Foundation has been instrumental in initiating community awareness programs in Khopoli city for several years, striving towards holistic river conservation.

Importance of New Year’s Initiative for Patalganga River Conservation:

This New Year’s initiative by Sahajseva Foundation underscores the pressing need to safeguard the Patalganga River. Recognizing its critical ecological importance and the threats it faces, the event held on January 1st, 2024, at the Gagangiri Ashram in Khopoli, seeks to rally public support and awareness for its conservation. With pollution and encroachments posing significant challenges, community involvement and action are paramount in revitalizing and preserving this lifeline. The efforts led by Sahajseva Foundation, with the support of local leaders like Dr. Shekhar Jambhale and program coordinators like Hitesh Rathod, signal a hopeful step towards a cleaner, healthier future for the Patalganga River.

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Hope in Crisis, Help in Need: Empowering Communities Through Emergency Relief.