Thirsty Animals "प्राणी पानपोई"

"Quenching Thirst: Water Jugs and Ponds for Animal Survival"

The water jugs or storage ponds initiative by Sahaj Seva Foundation is immensely beneficial for thirsty animals. By strategically placing water jugs or creating storage ponds in areas frequented by wildlife, the foundation ensures a vital water source is available, especially during dry spells or in areas with limited access to water. This initiative not only quenches the thirst of wild animals but also helps sustain their populations by preventing dehydration-related illnesses and deaths. Furthermore, it promotes harmony between humans and wildlife, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship and compassion within communities. Overall, these efforts play a crucial role in conserving wildlife and maintaining ecological balance in the region.

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funding is essential for the initial setup, ongoing maintenance, outreach efforts, monitoring, scalability, and long-term sustainability of initiatives aimed at providing water sources for thirsty animals.


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