Tribal marriages

Tribal marriages help preserve and promote unique cultural traditions, rituals, and customs that have been passed down through generations. These ceremonies often serve as a way to strengthen the cultural identity and heritage of tribal communities.

Sahaj Seva Foundation extends its support to needy couples through its free marriage program. Since January 2021, we have facilitated marriages for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, free of cost. Additionally, we launched a groundbreaking initiative by organizing the first multi-religious community marriage ceremony in Raigad district, promoting inclusivity and unity among diverse communities.

Empowering Needy Couples: Sahaj Seva Foundation's Free Marriage Program

We celebrated a momentous interfaith marriage ceremony, where 44 couples tied the knot, symbolizing the union of two families. Dr. Shekhar Jambhale, the Founder President, led this initiative with great enthusiasm, ensuring that safety measures were followed to uphold public health.

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Community Guidance on Marriage: Addressing low marriage rates and risks of underage marriage among tribal communities, Khalapur taluka initiated guidance sessions. Sahaj Seva Foundation led these efforts, emphasizing sexual education’s importance and legal implications of community marriages.

Awareness Drive: Advocate Jayesh Tawde launched an awareness campaign in Khalapur’s tribal areas, aiming to educate locals on the risks of underage marriage and legal repercussions, fostering societal change.

Legal Support: Programs highlighted legal issues in Chavani Aadivasiwadi, advocating for education to prevent underage marriages and mitigate legal consequences.

Collaborative Success: Sahaj Seva Foundation’s success owes to Dr. Shekhar Jambhale, Madhuri Gujarathi, Ishika Shelar, Akhilesh Patil, and volunteers. Special thanks to Khalapur Police Inspector Milind Khopade, Sarpanch Sandesh Kawji, and others for their contributions

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